Teaching School

Samuel Ward Trust has integrated the Suffolk Borders Teaching School Alliance, led by Samuel Ward Academy, into the Trust so that it can become the engine for teaching and learning across Trust schools. Working to a teaching and learning policy developed across our schools, the Teaching Alliance brings additional capacity, ensuring that its main principles are embedded and helping realise the aspiration for all our schools to be at least good by summer 2016. It bring additional capacity to Trust schools in the following ways:


School-led teacher training – high quality trainee teachers trained by us provide much needed additional capacity across our schools

Continuing professional development through a programme of coaching and mentoring, talent spotting and development and tailored support is helping our schools grow. 

To view or download the USP training brouchure please click here.

To view or download our Research School CPD brochure please click here.


School to school support is the best way, we believe, to sustain outstanding schools and it works at all levels in our trust

Identifying and developing leadership potential is the focus of our succession planning in order to develop people to fill leadership positions in the future

Specialist leaders of education have been appointed to help others achieve outstanding in their area of specialism

Research and development encourages innovation in teaching and learning, enables our staff to gain accreditation and supports the development of quality practice